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Hello Bakers!

I am now live streaming virtual baking classes on the Zoom platform. Thank you to Ginger at Yelp Tampa Bay, and all the students who attended the series of bread baking classes. The next class with Yelp Tampa Bay will be Tuesday, February 16th at 6pm EST. This will be the the 3rd in a series of yeast bread baking classes with the Yelp Tampa Bay team. The star item for this class will be artisan rosemary basil focaccia! We will be using the indirect method utilizing a preferment starter, a stretch fold technique for dough strength, and fresh herbs bathed in rich extra virgin olive oil! Click this link: Yelp Fearlessly Bakes Focaccia - Yelp Events - Tampa, FL - Yelp for registration and more details.

Private chef classes and demos in the comfort of your home are currently unavailable due to the pandemic.

Call or text me at 813-551-3222 or email me at info@fearlessbread.com to get on the email list for future classes. Follow me on Instagram at @fearlessbread, or Facebook at Fearless Bread. Send me some comments on classes you would like to see. Thanks,



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