Fearless Bread

Gluten Free - Non Yeast Bread Recipes

Banana Nut Muffins

2 cups  gluten free all purpose flour mix (recipe at the bottom)
2/3 cup sugar
1 TBSP baking powder                                     
1 tsp. baking soda                                                                      
3/4 tsp. xanthan gum                                      
1/4 tsp. salt                              
1 tsp. cinnamon
2 ripe medium bananas (chopped)
1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts
2 eggs or 2 TBSP Ener-G mixed wit 4 TBSP of water
1/2 cup regular or dairy free milk
1/2 cup canola oil
clear decorating sugar for garnish

Preheat Oven To 350F

1.  Combine flours in a bowl and whisk together well, add sugar, baking powder, baking soda, xanthan gum, salt, cinnamon, and whisk together.

2.  Add bananas and walnuts, stir to evenly coat.

3.  Combine milk and oil in separate bowl, remove 1 TBSP of combined liquid and discard it, beat in the eggs, add liquid mixture to the dry mixture, fold ingredients together just until combined.....DO NOT BEAT!

4. Fill greased or paper lined muffin tins 2/3 full, bake 18-25 minutes till golden brown and done.

5. Remove from muffin tin and serve or cool on a wire rack.

All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix:
brown rice flour:    2 parts   -   2 cups   -   6 cups
potato starch:        2/3 parts - 2/3 cups - 2 cups
tapioca flour:         1/3 parts  - 1/3 cup   - 1 cup
total cups of mix:                3 cups             9 cups

Blueberry Bread

This is a wonderful bread recipe I got from a top notch GF blogger named Jamie Eppenauer (alias,  Gluten Free Mom.)  It is a great recipe adapted from "Gluten Free Baking" by Rebecca Reilly. It is full of blueberries, butter, and a touch of lemon zest for an excellent addition to the breakfast table.

1  1/4 cup  GF flour mix  (see recipe below)
1/2 cup  almond flour
1 tsp.  GF baking powder
1/2 tsp.  xanthan gum
1/4 tsp.  salt
6 TBSP of butter or Earth Balance Spread
1 cup  sugar
2  eggs or 2 TBSP Ener-G mixed with 4 TBSP of water
1 TBSP lemon zest
1/2 cup warm regular or dairy free milk
1  1/2 cup fresh blueberries

1.   Lightly prepare a bread loaf pan with butter or shortening and line the bottom with parchment paper.

2.  Combine the GF flour mix, almond flour, baking powder, xanthan gum and salt together in a bowl and set aside.

3.  Cream the butter until white, add the sugar and beat until fluffy, about 5 minutes. (yes- really for five minutes) (hey, no kiddin', 5 minutes)

4.  Add the eggs one at a time and mix well, add lemon zest, add dry ingredients in 2 stages alternating with the milk, do not over mix or loaf will be tough, gently fold in the blueberries, cover and let the mix rest on the counter for 30 minutes, preheat oven to 325 F while mix is resting.
5.  Bake in middle of oven for approx one hour, check loaf with cake tester or toothpick during last 10 minutes.

6.  Place parchment or wax paper under cooling rack on counter, remove loaf from bread pan and place on cooling rack, pour lemon sauce over loaf while still warm.

Lemon Sauce
• 1/3 cup sugar
• 3 T lemon juice

Bring to a boil in a non aluminum pot

Rebecca Reilly’s Basic Gluten Free Flour Mix
•  2 cups brown rice flour
• 2/3 cup potato starch
• 1/3 cup tapioca starch


If you miss the rich chocolaty goodness of a warm brownie made with wheat flour, you've come to the right page! This recipe from Gluten Free Baking Classics has no wheat or gluten, but it does have all the taste you expect from a good brownie.

2/3 cup GF all purpose flour mix
½ tsp salt
½ tsp GF baking powder
½ tsp xanthan gum
2 oz. unsweetened chocolate
4 oz. semisweet chocolate
½ cup butter
1 ¼ cup sugar
2 tsp GF vanilla extract
3 large eggs
¾ cu chopped toasted pecans or walnuts, optional

1. Preheat oven to 325F. Position rack in middle oven. Line bottom and sides of 8 inch square baking pan with foil and grease with cooking spray.
2. Combine flour, salt, baking powder, and xanthan gum in a small bowl. Set aside.
3. Melt chocolate and butter in a heavy, medium size saucepan over low heat. Remove from heat and whisk in sugar and vanilla. Whisk in eggs one at a time and continue to whisk until mixture is completely smooth and glossy. Add flour mixture and whisk until just incorporated. Fold in nuts and take care not to overmix.
4. Pour batter into prepared pan and place in center of oven. Bake about 45 minutes or until a tester inserted into the center comes out with only moist crumbs. Cool in pan on rack for 5 minutes. Remove brownies from pan by lifting out foil, and cool completely on rack. Cut into squares or triangles.
Tip: bring all ingredients to room temperature before using; mix wet and dry ingredients only until they are combined; fold them together instead of beating and the end product will not be tough.

All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix: brown rice flour:    2 parts   -   2 cups   -  6 cups potato starch:        2/3 parts - 2/3 cups - 2 cups tapioca flour:         1/3 parts  - 1/3 cup   - 1 cup total cups of mix:                      3 cups       9 cups

Corn Bread

An old southern favorite you can once again enjoy with a zesty bowl of Texas chili, Louisiana red beans, or all alone pipin' hot from the oven with butter!

1 cup gluten free all purpose flour mix (recipe at bottom)
1 cup cornmeal
1/2  tsp. xanthan gum
1/4 cup sugar
3  1/2  tsp. GF baking powder
1/4  tsp. salt
1/4 cup canola or vegetable oil
1 cup regular or dairy free milk minus 1 TBSP
1 beaten egg or 1 TBSP Ener-G substitute mixed with 2 TBSP water
1/4  tsp. GF vanilla

1.  Preheat oven to 400F, grease 8 inch square or round pan with light coat of cooking spray.

2.  Add all dry ingredients to a bowl and whisk together, add oil, milk, egg, and vanilla in a separate bowl and whisk together.

3.  Gently fold wet mixture into dry mixture only til combined...DON'T BEAT!

4.  Pour batter into pan and bake 25 minutes or til golden and done.

...brush 1 TBSP of melted butter over cornbread right after taking it from the oven for an extra treat, wait 5-10 minutes before cutting

All Purpose Flour Mix:
brown rice flour       2 parts           2 cups            6 cups
potato starch           2/3 part        2/3 cup             2 cups
tapioca flour            1/3 part         1/3 cup            1 cup
total cups of mix                           3 cups              9 cups 

Pie Crust

recipe adapted from Gluten Free Baking Classics by Annalise G. Roberts

This is a very versatile crust that can be used for sweet pies and cobblers, as well as savory tarts and quiche.  It can easily be converted to dairy and soy free if you substitute the butter and eggs accordingly. Marie Antoinette said let them eat cake. Now you can say, Let Us Eat Pie!

1 cup plus 2 TBSP gluten free all purpose flour mix (recipe below)
2 TBSP white rice flour 
1 TBSP sugar (omit if using for a savory pie filling)
½ tsp xanthan gum
¼ tsp salt
6 TBSP cold butter or Spectrum shortening cut into 6 pieces
1 large egg or 1 TBSP Ener-G substitute mixed with 2 TBSP dairy free milk
2 tsp. cold orange juice or lemon juice

1. Spray 9-inch pie pan with cooking spray, dust with 2 TBSP rice flour. This step is optional so try it both ways and decide which one you like best.
2. Mix flour, sugar, xanthan gum, and salt in large bowl of electric mixer. Add butter and mix until crumbly and resembling very coarse corn meal.
3. Add egg and orange juice. Mix on low speed until dough holds together, it should not be sticky. Form dough into a ball, using your hands, and place on a sheet of wax paper. Top with a second sheet of wax paper and flatten dough to 1 inch thickness. Dough can be frozen at this point for up to 1 month; wrap in plastic wrap and then use foil as an outer wrap.
4. Roll out dough between the 2 sheets of wax paper. If dough seems tacky, refrigerate for 10-15 minutes before proceeding. Remove top sheet of paper and invert dough into pie pan. Remove remaining sheet of wax paper, and flute edges for single-crust pie. Dough can be frozen at this point for up to 1 month; wrap in plastic wrap and then use foil as an outer wrap.

To prebake a bottom pie crust:
Preheat oven to 375 F. Gently prick pastry in 3 or 4 places with a fork. Bake pastry for about 25 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven and cool completely on a wire rack.

As a safeguard against your crust puffing up during bake time, here is a baker's technique called blind baking. Line the unbaked shell with foil and fill it with pie weights or uncooked dry beans. Place in the oven and bake until shell is done.

Prebaked pie shells can be stored in airtight plastic containers or plastic wrap in refrigerator for 3 days. For longer storage, wrap in plastic wrap and then in foil, and store in freezer for up to 2 weeks.

Gluten Free All Purpose Flour Mix
Brown rice flour         2 parts              2 cups           6 cups
Potato starch              2/3 part             2/3 cup       2 cups
Tapioca flour              1/3 part            1/3 cup         1 cup
Total Mix                                                    3 cups         9 cups

Peach Cobbler

Here is a gluten free rendition of an old southern favorite dessert. It can be made dairy free by substituting the butter in the filling with EarthBalance spread, and substituting the butter in the crust with EarthBalance buttery sticks or Spectrum vegetable shortening.

3 ½ pounds fresh or frozen peach slices
1 TBSP butter or non dairy EarthBalance spread
1 tsp. lemon juice
1 cup packed light brown sugar
½ tsp. ground cinnamon
¼ tsp. ground ginger
1 ½ TBSP cornstarch
1 tsp. GF vanilla extract

Use a recipe for a GF 9 inch pie crust - doubled        (crust recipe)  

1.  Preheat oven to 375F. Roll out dough for 1 pie crust between 2 sheets of wax paper lightly dusted with rice flour. Gently fit dough into bottom and up sides of a 9x9 inch baking pan. Place in oven and bake for 10 minutes, set aside on cooling rack. Roll out dough for second pie crust just as the first. Roll it slightly larger than the first because it will be the top crust. Leave it in between wax paper and place in refrigerator to firm up.

2.  In a large sauce pan or pot, add the peaches, butter, lemon juice, ¾ cup of brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, and cornstarch. Heat mixture over medium heat and stir 10-15 minutes until peaches begin to soften. Stir in vanilla.

3.  Remove top crust from refrigerator while it is cold but still pliable. Fill browned crust with peaches and ¼ to ½ cup of the liquid or more if you like. Sprinkle remaining ¼ cup of brown sugar over the peaches.

4.  Cover cobbler with top crust and tuck its edges over and under bottom crust edges. Cut 3 slits in the top of crust to allow steam to vent during baking.

5.  Place pan on a baking sheet and bake uncovered 40-45 minutes. Cover loosely with foil if cobbler starts to get too brown and continue baking until juices bubble and begin to thicken. Remove from oven and let cobbler cool 10-15 minutes before slicing to allow filling to set.

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