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Since I take great passion to use only natural ingredients whenever possible, I thought it only fitting to promote health professionals with the same philosophy concerning your health and well being.

While I have compiled this list, it is solely up to you to choose a health care professional so call, email, or visit them for questions about the services they provide. 

IBS Treatment Center
11300 Roosevelt Way Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98125

Dr. Stephen Wangen N.D.

Bothell Natural Health
10031 Main St. Suite B
Bothell, WA 98011

Dr. Christine Bowen N.D.

Federal Way Naturopathy 
900 S. 336th St 
Federal Way, WA  98003 

Dr. Beth DiDomenico N.D.  
Dr. Karen Rasmussen N.D.
Dr. Colleen Hart N.D.  
Dr. Chris Kozura N.D.
Dr. Karen Hurley N.D.
Dr. Dominika Zajdel N.D.

Rockwall Integrative Medicine
4230 Avondale Ave  Suite 100
Dallas, TX  75219 

Dr. Tonya Sims N.D.  

Focused Energy
One Lake Bellevue Dr #204b
Bellevue, WA 98005
We Provide services in Seattle, WA - Bellevue, WA - Denver, CO

Becky Hellerstein, R.D. C.D.

Jones Seasoning Blends
Junes Mock Salt - Salt Free Seasonings